What’s Up with deadmau5

In the world of EDM or Electro Dance Music, a lot of DJs are popular in their own respectively genres. But there is one particular DJ who is popular for a different reason. Joel Thomas Zimmerman or better known as deadmau5 has been making big splashes with his activities. Deadmau5 is notoriously known for his noholdsbar and all-out criticisms and commentaries about other DJs and their music.

Frankly, I am not a fan of deadmau5 in both accounts. I am not impressed with his antics nor am I a follower of the music he produces, but yes, I do admit that I am one of his twitter followers. I can’t resist the pure entertainment he brings through his tweets.

During UMF Miami, one of the biggest annual music festivals, he made the biggest tidal wave yet when he trolled Martin Garrix, a fellow DJ who got popular thru his debut hit ‘Animals’. Deadmau5 was just filling in for Avicii who was then admitted to the hospital for serious health problems. Ironic when just a few months before, Avicii was one of the DJs who was featured in deadmau5′s snide commentary.

Frankly, I welcome constructive criticism and I respect deadmau5′s opinions. However, there is something seriously wrong with how he delivers his opinions. They come off as disrespectful.

Why Must I Wait?.

Time and time again, I have proven that I am one of the most patient people in the world. Well, that is… when I want to be patient. Though patience may be a very good virtue, an overly abundance of it can be a downfall. And, in my case, this might just be true. You see, in a fast-paced world, when you are too slow to come to your senses, you might just realize to late that the train you need to be boarding has left the terminal.

“Great things come to those who wait… and not for those who wait too late.”

Why must you wait when the right time has already come? Seize that a magnetic therapy bracelet or whatever you want. Seize the moment! Seize the day! Be what you want to be and do whatever you wanna do at your own time and pace and absolutely not on other people’s terms. Go out and see the world now for there is not better time to do it. Not tomorrow, not the next day. Living your life should not be set off for the convenience of other people when it so obviously inconveniences you.

Smartphones: Powerful Tool of Today.

A smartphone nowadays is a very powerful tool because of the endless possibilities it entails for the user. Gone were the days when you have buy different gadgets for every purpose you can think of. Today, what is in is a tool that can act as anything that you’ll ever need. We no longer give importance to “specialization” but we give more emphasis on “multiple usage” because our generation of convenience and practicality now requires it.

Nowadays, a smartphone not only serves as a means of communication but is can also be:

An aid in learning. A lot of educational applications are freely available and can be downloaded to your smartphones. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, translators.. name it and they have it.

Multi-media player. Smartphones can play different types of music as well as play videos and movies all the your pleasure, may need nikon d3000 battery charger.

Game console.Smartphone users nowadays enjoy the different touchscreen-based games such as Flappy Bird, Temple Run, and others at the tip of their fingertips.

Handphones have greatly evolved in terms of usage every since they were introduced in the late 1990s. It’s just amazing to know the potential of such gadgets in shaping the trends of the generation.

The Benefits of L-carnitine.

Numerous manufacturers of dietary supplements are able to sell by touting the L-carnitine content in their capsules or tablets. With almost everyone trying to lose weight and mimic the bodies of models gracing the pages of both health and beauty magazines apogee duet at guitar center, it is not surprising that L-carnitine became a resounding label in the world of fitness buffs. But one can only take too much, so to speak. It is imperative to know that there are L-carnitine side effects that could disrupt functions of several organs, from mild to severe cases.

Note that the nutrient carnitine can be naturally produced inside the body. This substance aids in the transportation of fat into the mitochondria of the cell, which later transform it into energy. Some people, however, experiences carnitine deficiency rising from different illnesses. Thus, L-carnitine as supplements may be recommended by some physicians, as these are found by the University of Maryland and Medical Center to be an effective cure to the deficiency.

Over the years, L-carnitine was also found to resolve health issues such as heart conditions. In some form, the supplements are also made to treat Alzheimer’s disease and other mental problems. But just as said, taking these capsules, pills or tablets come with risk.

Continuous researches and developments also revealed the capacity of the substance to fasten burning of body fats. As a result, various companies have added L-carnitine to drinks, yogurt, and other “healthy foods” to be marketed to consumers who are looking for faster means to lose weight. Dietary supplements are also available over the counter.

A Horror Movie With A Heart.

A recent movie I watched with my movie-freak siblings was Mama, a horror film released late 2012 that has some different twists.

It may not be the type that will make you cover your eyes with pillows or make you jump in your couch with so much terror, or cause you to scream in little shocks. But it served its purpose well horrifying viewers in its bizarre way and not forgetting the value of emotions in a story behringer pa speakers at Musicians Friend.

Because it depicted a mother who lost her child and died as she tried to retrieve her child from people who took him away from her, it is touchy. The mother would only want that and that alone but her soul was not quieted with their demise. So when she found a chance to take custody of two sisters whose story is long to note, she tried to raise them for five years – two living bodies and a ghost’s soul in a secluded house.

I am saying it has a heart because of the emotions involved. Motherhood is such a powerful state in the universe that it conquers all. It is one of the prime movers that keep people close. There is something with motherhood that even death cannot defeat. And this is what the “mama” showed all throughout the film.

Confucius Was Right.

Among the wisdom words of the Chinese philosopher Confucius which I like the most was his quote “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

He was really right with such a brilliant advice and this is something you may also relate to as an employee or a future worker or a musician who chooses a perfect instrument like gretsch bass guitar at Musicians Friend.

I remember when I was working in this sort of high-paying job for more than a year. I enjoyed the pay, I would say but I got so washed-out with the very dull routine I had in my job. Time came that I felt so lazy going to work, and that waking up for a new day was so grueling for me to do. I was not happy anymore, at all.

Thus I had to quit for that high pay won’t satisfy me anymore. What I wanted was a job that I would always enjoy doing so I would not feel stressed or bored at all.

Fortunately I landed a job I wished of having, and I feel like that word of Confucius which I read while I was in the verge of confusion actually enlightened me. He was right. At present, I love my job even when it doesn’t pay me high like my previous one, but i would say that here, I don’t really treat it as working, because I totally enjoy it.

Confucius was right. “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Traveling to New York City.

New York is known as one of the busiest, most beautiful, and most popular cities in the world. Many people dream about going to this city because of the beautiful attractions that it offers to their visitors and mighty mite necks at Guitar Center. Contrary to what most people think about, traveling to New York is not as costly as you think it is. The city has always something to offer 24/7, all year round. Many people are excited to visit the city, especially during holidays.

Travelers do not have to book for expensive hotel while in the city. There are inexpensive hotels in the suburbs that you can reach in as quick as a twenty minute ride to a train. Without spending too much money, you will be able to visit beautiful sites in the city.

Here are some of the amazing sites that you can visit while you are in New York for a vacation: The Famous Empire State Building, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Central Park, The American Museum of Natural History and so forth.

Gladiator Film – Lessons 101: The Danger of Power Hunger.

Many films teach us the lesson of not coveting for power for this is a hostile drive for a person to pursue. In this film, Commodus was shown to have ambitioned for the power, desiring to be the next emperor and holding the authority in his very own corrupt hands.

When he failed to please the emperor and the throne was not passed to him, he rummaged for his own morbid way to enthrone himself because of such hunger for power. To their mishap, he murdered his father and endangered the fate of the empire because of his wrong motives.

In the film leslie amp, we could see that his intention were wrong and his desire for power couldn’t be trusted to bring advantage to the people for he only wanted to enshrine his selfish ulterior motives.

Thus, it is definitely not a fine fettle to hanker for power especially when it was not worthily meant for us for it would result to more havoc within ourselves.

The Saddened Glee=

The word itself means gaiety, cheer, happiness. And such was satisfactorily exhibited by the musical romance-comedy show Glee. The characters exuded such delight in their faces as they do the singing and they never fail to amuse the viewers.

Well they were all happy for the past few years, until the news of one of its leading character’s death. Cory Monteith, playing the role of the sought-after football player who is also a talented singer in the Glee Club was found dead.

Now, the whole circle of Glee is mourning for a co-actor’s untimely and unexpected demise. For many seasons they have been together to do the show, the friendship was most likely established already. Cory was a great talent, and he appears to be very lovable too, and most probably never had histories of him being bad to his co-stars. Yes he left a legend that is his talent and his character behind, and that is what will remain in their hearts Reeds for Le Vian jewelry

Now the Glee club is temporarily saddened but to entertain us, they will never stop to delight the viewers.