Top 10 Carla Abellana Sites on Google

Here’s the Top 10 Carla Abellana website in Google search engine as of January 16, 2010. I’m not sure if the personalized search for Google is active or not, but I don’t find this site here..

Anyway, here’s the top 10 carla Abellana website, first page..

  1. Carla Abellana – Wikipedia
  2. Carla Abellana – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. Carla Abellana – Filipina Actress Carla Abellana Pictures and – Naka-cache

  4. ga resulta ng video para sa carla abellana

    Carla Abellana sings MYMP’s ‘Now’

    10 minuto – 21 Hun 2009

    Carla Abellana’s Most-Awaited First Dance Number

    3 minuto 41 segundo – 21 Hun 2009

  5. Friendster – Carla Abellana

    – [ Isalin ang pahinang ito ]

    Testimonials and Comments for Carla Abellana I’m Carla Abellana, 20 Years Old from Manila, I am the the daughter of PJ Abellana and Rhea Reyes and I am – Katulad

  6. Carla Abellana –

    Carla-Geoff love team, suportado nina Gina Alajar and Rey PJ Abellana. November 26, 2009 Rosalinda’s Carla Abellana at her first live chat!

  7. Carla Abellana Pinay Rosalinda

    4 Peb 2009 Carla Abellana Pictures Pinay Rosalinda Pictures. bookmarks tagged philippines Carla Abellana Pinay Rosalinda saved by 4 others – Naka-cacheKatulad

  8. Carla Abellana as Rosalinda – The Next Big Star of GMA | PCO Pinay

    – [ Isalin ang pahinang ito ]

    Intrigued about Carla Abellana. Check the rest Carla Abellana photos inside ->. Carla Abellana really looks like Marian Rivera in this photo, agree?…/carla-abellana-as-rosalinda-next-big.html – Naka-cacheKatulad

  9. CARLA ABELLANA | Filipina Rosalinda | Pictures | Latest News

    – [ Isalin ang pahinang ito ]

    CARLA ABELLANA. She is going to portray the lead role in the local remake of ROSALINDA. This site contains pictures, biography, movie/TV updates, – Naka-cacheKatulad

  10. carla abellana, artista na! « ALIWAN AVENUE

    27 Ene 2009 EHH SI CARLA ABELLANA ANG TALINO, DESERVING TALAGA SA LAHAT NG BAGAY at si carla abellana naman, kung sumikat siya welcome namin dahil…/carla-abellana-artista-na/ – Naka-cacheKatulad

  11. Carla Abellana is a Snob!

    After we received the results of the audition for the Zorro leading lady, we tried to contact Carla Abellana to ask for the permission of posting one of her…/carla-abellana-is-snob.html – United States

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